Canadian Safety Achievement Award


CIMS receives national award for Safety Leadership & Innovation for the second year in a row!

The Canadian Safety Achievement (CS2A) is a national awards program developed by the GPMC/NMC designed to showcase exceptional health and safety performance of stakeholders within the confines of unionized maintenance industry.

CIMS went up against multiple contractors across Canada and was recognized as the sole winner of the William Warchow Award for the CIMS Leadership Academy.

When strategy and culture collide, culture wins every time.  To use this concept to our advantage, CIMS has purposely redefined the concept of “leadership” within our organization.  To us, LEADERSHIP has nothing to do with where you are in the hierarchy or how many people report to you or whether you sit at the front reception desk or manage projects or coordinate safety training.  LEADERSHIP at CIMS is about the way each and every one of us chooses to behave, how we choose to look at and solve problems, and how we deeply understand the contributions that each of us makes to the success of the business.

This “boot camp” style leadership development program our intent is to ensure that every CIMS employee has the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and to foster our safety culture to create:

  • A leadership culture where safety is understood and accepted as a value at all levels within the organization
  • A healthy and safe workplace that promotes employee well being
  • An environment where we are continually evaluating our safety culture, and asking “how can we get better as an organization?”

Our goal is to create a work environment where personnel are less likely to participate in at risk behavior and are more likely to provide safe solutions to the complex situations our project teams often find themselves in.