2020 Craftperson of the Year Award – Amber Anderson

We are very excited to announce, our very own Amber Anderson is the winner of the National Award of Craftperson of the Year! The Craftsperson of the Year Award is open to all apprentices, forepersons and general forepersons executing maintenance work under a GPMA or NMA Collective Agreement, across 13 different construction trades.

· 1 Million employed Canadians in a variety of construction trades and professions

· 175 Signatory employers

· An annual average of 28 Million reported craft hours under the GPMC/NMC banner

· 15 nominees across Canada

Amber was nominated for her dedication in multiple areas including:

· Health & Safety

· Quality of Worker

· Ingenuity/Innovation

· Teamwork & Collaboration,

· Cost efficiencies, and leadership

For CIMS, Amber is and has been a trusted supervisor that leads her teams safely and efficiently. She owns her work scopes and as her superintendent described, ‘makes my life easy’. She meets not only CIMS expectations but the client’s expectations on safety, schedule, and cost.

Amber’s day to day performance is exceptional. Her approach to her craft is an example for her peers and those coming up through the trade. It is not one outstanding trait or skill that separates Amber from others. It is her ability to lead by doing all the ‘little things’ repeatedly and doing them exceptionally well.

Congratulations Amber!

Amber Anderson – Craftperson of the Year Award