CIMS Women in Trades Leadership Award Winners

CIMS is dedicated to creating and supporting an environment where individual differences, contributions and experiences are valued and shared. A huge congratulations goes out to our very own Vicky Mihopoulos, Jen Duguay, Deidra Hardy and Callie Chatton for consistently striving for excellence and demonstrating an extraordinary commitment to the CIMS Mission, Values & Goals. This group of CIMS leaders received the CIMS Women in Trades Leadership Award last week in Rossland, BC by the CIMS Knowledge Sustainability and Innovation Department.

Statements from the award winners peers;

“Their safety records and understanding of the CIMS family and safety culture is constantly shared with their work partners. With our ever diminishing work force it his been my pleasure to work side by side with each and every one of them with what they bring to the table.”

“They show up every day with a smile on there face and have a great sense of job pride in everything they do, they are team players and everyone knows they can count on them”

“These leaders at CIMS are performing top notch work in what was once considered a “mans world” and they have blown that concept out of the water.”

Pictured above left to right Vicky Mihopoulos (Ironworker), Chris Balfor (PF GF), Jen Duguay (Iron worker), Deidra Hardy (Pipefitter) Mike Williams (Kootenay Division Construction Manager), Callie Chatton, (Labor GF), Marc Boudreau (Iron Worker Superintendent)