We can build it on your site or ours. We have fabrication facilities located in Sarnia, ON to meet your needs nationwide. Our experience gives you the confidence that your equipment will be fabricated, delivered and installed as specified.

CIMS Ltd Fabrication and Modularization

We use modular techniques to construct both large and small-scale facilities reducing the length of on-site construction and plant downtime. Our modular construction capabilities have been used by a variety of industry sectors to rapidly and economically increase capacity and product lines.

Our shop services encompass pipe spool fabrication, module assembly, pre-assembly of boiler tubes, heat exchanger repairs, tank and pressure vessel repairs as well as construction and miscellaneous fabrication. We use innovative, leading-edge welding procedures and technology and our capabilities include all metallurgies. We provide complete project coordination and documentation to support all ASME, Provincial and CWB code requirements.

Pipe Fabrication
ASME quality fabrication with over 600+ registered weld procedures in all metallurgies

A full range of modular projects, from skid-sized pump and electrical units to multi-level and multiple processing units

Vessels and Tanks
Design and fabrication of tanks and pressure vessels to your exact specifications

Facilities located in  Sarnia, ON to meet your needs nationwide.

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Sarnia, ON

 Pipe Welding Capacity / Productivity 8,000 diametric inches per week
Undercover Shop floor space 25,000 square feet for carbon steel

7,500 square feet for stainless steel and alloys

Warehouse floor space 8,000 square feet
Construction Yard space 16 acres
Rail serviced yard 10,000 square feet
Crane Capacity 5 ton
Height under hook 12 feet 6 inches to 22 feet
 CAPABILITY 600+ certified welding procedures library
High Chrome, Stainless steel duplex 2205 and Carbon steel
1/8 inch to 8 inches thick materials welded
  Common and complex piping configurations fabricated
  1 to 3 shifts/ week flexibility
  ASME, NB, CWB, ABSA, and TSASK and TSSA Certifications
Drafting (autoCAD and Acorn)