Training At CIMS

At CIMS we take pride in making every effort to ensuring our leaders are informed and specific training is continued for the benefit of consistent industry understanding.

Each year CIMS has Superintendent summits where Superintendents and successors are brought together in a learning, interactive environment to review where we have come in the last year and how we can improve together. These summits cover legal requirements, accountability, responsibilities, technologies and other interesting topics such as appropriate intervention, pre-incident prevention planning etc.

CIMS also has a significant list of online training programs such as foreman, general foremen and Superintendent training. We haven’t forgotten about the SSE/new and young workers either. CIMS has significant programs to bring both mentor and SSE/New and young worker together to help them understand the barriers which may arise and help the understand each other, millennial and traditional alike.

CIMS is currently rolling out Front Line Foreman Training this year. This is an added step where CIMS is introducing small pieces of training everyday to (5-minute foreman) which has historically been effective as the user remembers more of what they learn. The key here is to keep the topics interesting and listen to the feedback, improving as a team effort.

Kelly Rayne

Director – Environmental Health & Safety

CIMS Limited Partnership Nuclear Division

CIMS Limited Partnership (Nuclear Division) is delighted to announce CIMS has successfully passed our TSSA N285.0 Audit.  CIMS (Nuclear Division), in the next couple of weeks, will be issued a Certificate of Authorization for the pressure boundary activities at all shop/field sites licensed by CNSC, administrated, and controlled by 466 Polymoore Drive, Corunna, Ontario, N0N 1G0.These activities include:

Construction and installation of Class 1, 1C, 2, 2C, 3, 3C and 4 items, system including with or without design responsibility in accordance with CSA Standard N285.0

Repairs, modifications, or replacements of Class 1, 1C, 2, 2C, 3, 3C and 4 nuclear items, system and structure in accordance with CSA Standard N285.0

Fabrication and installation of Class 1, 1C, 2, 2C, 3, 3C and 4 welded and non- welded supports in accordance with CSA Standard N285.0.

Material organization supplying ferrous and non-ferrous material including: welding material; qualification of nonaccredited material organization; utilization of unqualified source material; approval and control of suppliers; shipment of material from qualified Material organizations other than the Qualified QSC Material Organization, in accordance with CSA Standard N285.0.

If you require any additional information, please contact George Gemmell AScT​

CIMS Limited Partnership at CNA convention 2019, Ottawa Ontario.


Turkey Day 2018

We have a tradition at CIMS we like to refer to as TURKEY DAY!!!! This event takes place out of our Port Coquitlam location every December. Customers, Vendors, Suppliers, Retiree’s, Friends of CIMS and CIMS Staff are all invited to come out to enjoy some deep fried turkey with all the fixings!



CIMS Pledges $10,000 towards a new patient waiting area at Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital

CIMS donated $5,000 from a $10,000 pledge over to the KBRH Health Foundation for their Emergency Department Campaign. This generous donation will support the Patient Waiting Streaming Area in the new Emergency Department at KBRH. This donation will support the Foundation’s goal to raise $1 million by 2020. Lisa Pasin, Director of Development (left) accepted this donation from our very own Gordon Simmons, General Manager, and his team at CIMS  – Rossland Division. The CIMS LP – Rossland Division featured here with Gordon Simmons include (left to right): Katrina Bennett, Kendall Scott, Kathleen Dedemus, Darryl O’Handley, Chris Balfour and Ryan Chalifoux. Other team members not present in the photo: Erin Proulx and Kris Boyce.


CIMS Limited Partnership Wins Two Canadian Safety Achievement Awards

Exciting news for CIMS,  we were once again recognized for our excellence in safety.   CIMS received these 2 awards on July 4th at an awards banquet held in Edmonton. The Canadian Safety Achievement Awards acknowledge and reward maintenance industry stakeholders who work together to achieve exceptional safety performance in their work.

The two awards CIMS was recognized for are:

William Warchow Safety Leadership & Innovation Award: CIMS – Syncrude Canada for our Voice of the Worker safety program.

Award Details: In honour of William Warchow, one of the original GPMC/NMC pioneers and policymakers in the maintenance world, this award will be granted to those who effectively demonstrate leadership and positive impact in health and safety.

365 Daily Maintenance Award for work at:  CIMS- IOL Nanticoke for working 114,079.20 man hours for maintenance work without having a single recordable injury during 2017.

Award Details: Industrial plants across the country often require year-round daily maintenance to ensure efficiency in their operations and the safety of their personnel. This award showcases stakeholders who have executed daily maintenance at industrial plants for 365 days or greater without having a recordable injury.

These awards come from a lot of solid work by our entire safety group, supervision and leadership team

Congratulations to all the recipients of the Canadian Safety Achievement awards:

William Warchow Safety Leadership & Innovation Award: CIMS – Syncrude

365 Daily Maintenance Award for work at:  CIMS- IOL Nanticoke