CIMS Turkey Day 2017

We have a tradition at CIMS we like to refer to as TURKEY DAY!!!! This event takes place out of our Port Coquitlam location every December. Customers, Vendors, Suppliers, Retiree’s, Friends of CIMS and CIMS Staff are all invited to come out to enjoy some deep fried turkey with all the fixings!


TRIR: A Key Safety Performance Indicator You Should Know

At CIMS, we want to send our workers home in the same condition in which they arrived—if not even better, after an active day of satisfying work that stimulates the mind and the body.  Keeping our employees injury-free while at work is our top priority. A number that helps us assess our safety performance is our Total Recordable Incident Rate, commonly known as TRIR.

TRIR is a mathematical computation that takes into account how many Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recordable incidents our company has per number of hours worked.

2017 CIMS 12 month rolling Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) as of September 9, 2017 is 0.268

CIMS Eastern Division Wins Two Canadian Safety Achievement Awards

Great news from our Eastern Division, where we were recognized for our excellence in safety once again.   They received 2 awards on July 5th at an awards banquet held in Edmonton. The Canadian Safety Achievement Awards acknowledge and reward maintenance industry stakeholders who work together to achieve exceptional safety performance in their work.

The two awards they were recognized for were:

365 Daily Maintenance Award for work at: a. IOL Nanticoke

Award Details: Industrial plants across the country often require year-round daily maintenance to ensure efficiency in their operations and the safety of their personnel. This award showcases stakeholders who have executed daily maintenance at industrial plants for 365 days or greater without having a recordable injury.

Tripartite Zero Injury Turnaround Award for work at: a. IOL Nanticoke for the CS&VU Turnaround

Award Details: Turnaround and outage work present a unique set of challenges for maintenance industry stakeholders. This award recognizes Clients, Signatory Employers and Local Unions who execute high volumes of craft hours in short turnaround windows without a recordable injury or lowest total recordable incident rating.

These awards come from a lot of solid work by our entire safety group, supervision and leadership team

Congratulations to all the recipients of the Canadian Safety Achievement awards:


CIMS Safety Talk – See It For The First Time

When we are exposed to the same hazards time and time again, we generally know what to do to manage them because we have been repeatedly exposed and learned to manage those hazards. But this does not necessarily mean that we will always mitigate these risks – in fact in many cases the familiarity of these hazards themselves pose an even subtler and perhaps even more dangerous hazard in the form of complacency. It is important for each and every one to take the time and try and see things with fresh eyes as if you are seeing your job site and tasks for the first time.

 CIMS SAFETY TALK – See it again for the first time