Our Quality Certifications

CIMS maintains a recognized level of quality assurance through the implementation of our specialized quality control programs for the construction and repair of power and heating boilers, pressure vessels, and pressure piping systems. We hold certificates of authorization for Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB), National Board ‘NB’ and ‘R’ and ASME “S”, “A”, “PP” and “U” stamps. Our quality control personnel work closely with the CIMS production department and our clients to ensure that all projects are carried out in accordance with our quality control manual, client specifications, and the Acts and Regulations in the relevant jurisdictions (BC Safety Authority, ABSA, TSASK, TSSA).

Complex welding is our forte. We have more than 600 weld procedures registered by provincial authorities across Canada. Our adherence to an industry-accepted, fully integrated quality assurance system consistently provides our customers with cost-effective, safe and well-documented quality services. Customer equipment integrity and safety is paramount. Our goal is to build it right the first time, leak free, with no re-work.

(Power and Process)
NB Stamp
R Stamp
A and S Stamp
Section 1 – Power Boiler
PP Stamp
B31.1 – Boiler
B31.1 – Power
B31.3 – Process
B31.5 – Refrigeration
Section VIII – Div. 1
U Stamp