Transformational Safety Culture as a Strategic Driver

CIMS has been on a journey for the past few years to strategically marry safety and culture to keep our people from harm.  Below are some of the programs we have developed that have significantly contributed to the success we have had so far.  The journey is by no means over.

Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure.  Only the paranoid survive.

– Andy Grove

Knowledge, Sustainability, & InnovationThis department was developed with the purpose of mentoring field leaders through education, training,  shared communication.  The result is a well-rounded, informed field leader with better decision making capabilities.  The leader of this department is a highly competent, technically sound field leader with a significant track record of driving safety accountability.
Operational Excellence Management System (OEMS)Operational Excellence involves making continual improvements to achieve a competitive advantage.  For any business to be successful it requires innovative, strategic approaches, and commitment to Operational Excellence across all functions of our organization.

 The goal of a well-executed Operational Excellence strategy is to exceed customer and worker expectations through improving business processes and culture. Streamlined processes minimize time, resources, and frustration; it makes everyone’s job easier and provides for a more satisfied client.

Supervisor Safety Training & CompetencyThe heart of this program is “field leaders mentoring field leaders” therefore this program is Superintendent driven.   

When it comes to a leader’s ability to perform most effectively in the workplace, interpretation and application of information is essential. It is not enough for a front-line or mid­‐level leader to be able to refer to regulations or technical standards, this leader must also be able to interpret and apply the regulations and standards in the context of the operation, construction, or technical discipline they lead.

CIMS President’s AwardThe CIMS President’s Award was created to recognize a single outstanding CIMS employee or team who pursues Operational Excellence, elevates CIMS to new levels of success and exemplifies our core values.
Leadership AcademyDuring this intense training program, our intent is to ensure that every CIMS employee has the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and as a result, this program will be made available to everyone at CIMS over time.

Graduates from Leadership Academy walk away with a new improved self -awareness about themselves, a better understanding around their own leadership styles and capabilities, new tools for communication, a clearer understanding around the entire CIMS business cycle and a new group of peers they can count on.
Behaviour Based Observations & Voice of the WorkerWe know that changing behaviour changes attitudes. When you can change attitudes, that is when the magic really happens.  

The underlying concept of this program is to engage our Front-Line Leadership to improve safety performance.  The impact of implementing this program was an immediate and dramatic reduction in incidents.

– Reduced Recordable Injuries by 80%
– Reduced Injury-Related incidents by more than 40%