My personal goal is to cultivate a workplace where Nobody Gets Hurt.  That’s it, that’s the goal.  It’s a simple statement but very difficult to achieve.  It will not happen by chance or luck, and it will not happen without a plan that coordinates all the necessary people to do their part to achieve this.  Everyone needs to be “rowing the boat” in the same direction.

Envision a workplace where everyone believes Nobody Gets Hurt, where Health and Safety is truly embraced and driven by Front Line Teams.

Our H&S Team commitment is to provide a service to our Operations such that, from Superintendent to Worker, each has the support and resources to safely execute work and to learn from every incident or near miss. Further, our commitment is to empower our operations and craft to be exemplary leaders and to promote continuous improvement.

Collectively, we are working to achieve health and safety performance that we can all be proud of; a place where we all relentlessly look out for each other.

That is the CIMS way.

Shelly Bidlock, Vice President, Health & Safety

H&S Vision

To be an organization where H&S is fully integrated as a cultural value to such an extent that people are self-regulating.  We do this through:

  • Trust: There is a valuable H&S system that produces outcomes that are known, reliable, and certain.
  • Commitment: Every individual is compelled to ensure nothing less than exemplary health and safety performance.
  • Passionate Job Satisfaction: People are engaged through their hearts and minds and feel like a true partner to the business.