Our customers consistently recognize us for our outstanding safety leadership and performance. We are proud of our excellent safety record and work consistently to maintain and improve it.

“Safety First” is not viewed as a concept, but a strategic initiative. It is one of our core values and our commitment starts with senior management. We accept the responsibility of providing a safe and healthy workplace to everyone we employ and establishing and maintaining safe working practices through proper procedure and direction. We provide on-site, highly trained, certified safety supervisors familiar with all aspects of the work whether it is a turnaround or a long-term project.

Continuously improving our safety processes and enhancing our safety culture has empowered everyone at CIMS. We believe in a proactive approach, addressing trends and training requirements before incidents occur. The key element of being proactive is:

  • Engaging the craft workforce and front line supervision in safety observations and training
  • Utilizing and developing industry leading tools we believe we can help keep our people safe

Working with owners, other contractors, and our subcontractors to openly share ideas and results allows all project stakeholders to continuously improve safety results together. Safety is exciting at CIMS and is at the foundation of our business.



During this outage, there was a significant scope of work that was executed at a high standard. More importantly, it was all done safely without hurting a single individual, and that’s what we can all be proud of…

ATCO Power Muskeg River Cogeneration Plant

I would like to congratulate CIMS’ excellent safety performance in completing the Recovery Boiler Lower Furnace Replacement Project at PG Pulp Mill. CIMS completed the project without a recordable medical incident through 87,000 man-hours of complex and high intensity demolition and construction activity. …completed one day ahead of schedule and below budget.

Canfor Pulp Limited Partnership

Kudos to the management and craft as your collaboration on the safety culture is reflected by the data as well with the attitude that was observed on the job site. Be safe and it was a pleasure to work with each one of you.

Suncor Major Projects Firebag