Suncor Major Projects Firebag

Kudos to the management and craft as your collaboration on the safety culture is reflected by the data as well with the attitude that was observed on the job site. Be safe and it was a pleasure to work with each one of you.

Canfor Pulp Limited Partnership

In my mind, the key enabling factors for the project’s success were high-quality project supervision, good communication, and perhaps most importantly, the significant collaborative effort.

Suncor Firebag Projects

It was exceptional to see CIMS come to site and take over a project that was partially completed by another contractor and finish the project without having to move the original schedule. CIMS was a pleasure to work with as they were very self-sufficient and executed the scope of work in a high quality and safe manner.

Teck Metals #2 Slag Furnace Emergency

As is often the case, we had to contact your group to prepare and mobilize within a very limited timeframe. The efforts that were put in over the weekend leading up to the shutdown by you and your staff were greatly appreciated and well worth it. I have toured the site myself several times and have even done a few trips with our Teck Safety Rep. Each and every time I found it hard to identify any deficiencies.