In 1991, CIMS began serving the pulp and paper sector.  CEO, John McLaughlin joined the company in 1994 and shortly after became the majority owner. As a journeyman boilermaker himself,  John was keen to create and grow a dynamic company that would provide excellent employment for himself and his colleagues. The first long-term contract was won when John learned that there was an emergency at a local work site and CIMS showed up on location, ready to work.

CIMS Ltd Archival

That determination and willingness has helped grow CIMS to multiple locations across Canada, with over 1200+ employees, serving a wide variety of customers throughout North America. Since our beginnings in the pulp and paper industry, we have diversified into construction and maintenance in oil and gas, pulp and paper, mining and smelting, power generation, and chemical sectors.

Successfully executing our customer’s time-sensitive and tightly scheduled projects is a hallmark for us. Our ability to plan and execute complex and technically challenging mechanical projects in a safe manner has helped us build a solid reputation. Our success is built on the long-term relationships we have maintained with our customers and the repeat business that results.

CIMS Values & Vision

The values and vision statement are words that were chosen by Our People to remind and represent who we truly are at CIMS. These core values were set out to be integrated into every employee and customer-related experience and form the basis for every decision we all make.