Training At CIMS

At CIMS we take pride in making every effort to ensuring our leaders are informed and specific training is continued for the benefit of consistent industry understanding.

Each year CIMS has Superintendent summits where Superintendents and successors are brought together in a learning, interactive environment to review where we have come in the last year and how we can improve together. These summits cover legal requirements, accountability, responsibilities, technologies and other interesting topics such as appropriate intervention, pre-incident prevention planning etc.

CIMS also has a significant list of online training programs such as foreman, general foremen and Superintendent training. We haven’t forgotten about the SSE/new and young workers either. CIMS has significant programs to bring both mentor and SSE/New and young worker together to help them understand the barriers which may arise and help the understand each other, millennial and traditional alike.

CIMS is currently rolling out Front Line Foreman Training this year. This is an added step where CIMS is introducing small pieces of training everyday to (5-minute foreman) which has historically been effective as the user remembers more of what they learn. The key here is to keep the topics interesting and listen to the feedback, improving as a team effort.

Kelly Rayne

Director – Environmental Health & Safety