Avetta is the primary information management system for all contractors conducting business with CIMS. As you prequalify or maintain your qualification at CIMS.

To work with CIMS, register on the Avetta website at https://www.avetta.com/  select the CIMS locations where you work.  Avetta is also happy to provide registration assistance by phone, at 877-725-3022.

Once registered on Avetta complete the following prequalification steps:

  • Complete the Prequalification Form (PQF) – The first part of the review process requires contractors, service providers and subcontractors to complete and submit a prequalification form. Please note, if you are already a registered member with Avetta, you must log in to the website, link your company to the CIMS location, and complete the required information.
  • Upload Your Safety Program Documentation and Insurance Certificate. Even if you have already provided CIMS with a copy of your safety program and insurance certificate, please upload your current information on the Avetta website. Be sure to verify that your insurance certificate meets the CIMS insurance requirements before uploading.
  • Respond to any Audit questions. After your paperwork is submitted, Avetta representatives will reach out and ask for any clarification or additional information after the Safety Manual Audit or review of the PQF.  We are here to help provide guidance and support.

Once your company has achieved green flag status, your company is rated as compliant in Avetta, and available for contract work with CIMS.

If you have any questions regarding the Avetta registration and/or compliance process, please contact the Avetta Registration Team at 877-725-3022, email info@avetta.com or visit their website at https://www.avetta.com/

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